Magician. Speaker. Writer. Friend.
December 17, 2017 10:47 pm



Quick Facts

  • I’m a professional magician. (I usually don’t tell people because I don’t want to be defined or confined by peoples idea of what a magician is or is not)
  • I’m absolutely in love with God and He is completely in love with me. (I don’t mind being defined in that way)
  • I was the youth pastor at Noonday Church in Woodland, AL for 4 years before moving to Nashville, TN.
  • I have a bachelors degree in Theatre: performing arts, with a concentration in modern dance and mathematics from Auburn University.
  • I graduated from the School of Supernatural Life in Franklin, TN (I highly recommend SOSL; it has changed my life)
  • I traveled to England with a ministry team and had a blast speaking and serving.
  • I’m currently pursuing my law degree at Faulkner Law in Montgomery, AL
  • I love speaking, reading, writing, and walking. (One day I hope to add running to that list)
  • Coffee shops are my friend as are bookstores. (Having coffee with me is the way to my heart)
  • I’m still learning what it means to be me and I’m loving it.


“I can not wait to hear the story of a magician who turned himself into a lawyer,” said the attorney next to me. I was on a discussion panel titled, “Art and Law” and had just announced to the audience that I was planning to attend law school. Three years later I asked myself, “What qualifies me to attend law school?” It is the mixture of leadership skills and character I embodied, and my desire to improve. 

One of the best leadership skills is the ability to communicate clearly. For this, I use my theatre degree. It’s a degree with speaking, body language, and culture all rolled into one. You learn to express your point articulately to the audience while working together with your team; the other actors, technicians, and directors. This is especially important when I perform magic. During a show, my team and I work hard to convey a message to the audience that will cause them to think differently, and imagine the impossible. This is another skill a leader needs.

I have heard it said an ordinary person will look at things and ask “why,” where a magician dreams things that never were and asks, “why not.” While a good magician dreams impossibilities; a great magician has the creativity and discipline to transform those dreams into a reality. The ability to think differently combined with the ability to communicate allows me to tap into a vast reservoir of human potential, and accomplish things that seem impossible.

I see teams as reservoirs of human potential. When someone hires me to perform, the first thing I do is build a team. When a church called and asked me to lead a back to school weekend for the youth, I built a team. I build teams for almost anything. The team I built for the church that weekend worked so well together that I was offered the position of youth director.

While finishing up my degree at Auburn, I worked a part time job and commuted two hours to church twice a week to teach the kids. Sometimes it was difficult: After being in school and having a shift at work the last thing I wanted to do was make the commute to church. I would often return to Auburn exhausted after the teaching and driving. I made a commitment and keeping that commitment strengthened my character. Being the youth director was worth the long hours, though. Most of my youth are in college now, and I’m so proud of the people they have become. The feeling I have seeing them succeed in college is a reward I did not expect.

I left Auburn and my youth directorship to attend a ministry school in Franklin, Tennessee. Where performing magic taught me to look at the world differently, this school taught me to look at myself differently. The school cultivated in me a deep desire to improve. For a year, my desire to improve was fed by teachings on powerful communication, forgiveness, and God’s heart. This school built on a foundation I laid my last year at Auburn.

I learned more during the last year of college than all the other years before. On the long drives to and from school and church, I would listen to books on CD. During that year I finished fifty audio books on leadership. I went through some of the greats like Dale Carnegie and Stephen Covey. I wish I had done this before I started Auburn but that’s something I can not change. Since my last year at Auburn, audio books have become a way of life. I decided to call it Automobile University. Now I have gone from Automobile University to Faulkner Law.

Why Faulkner Law? Law school holds the tools I desire. I believe a Juris Doctor degree will allow me to make a greater impact on the world. I believe this not because my name will be followed by two letters but because of the knowledge I will gain pursuing those two letters. Where magic has taught me to look at the world differently and Grace Center has taught me to look at myself differently; Faulkner Law is teaching me how to combine those views in order to impact the world.